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CAP1616 says:

Sponsors must consult stakeholders in a way that suits them – the formal consultation will be undertaken through the portal, and all information must be available there.

However, this will not suit all consultees, so based on the audiences detailed above, sponsors must set out how they intend to ensure all audiences are able to respond effectively.

Engagement exercises with large numbers of people are challenging to manage in practice, and consultation strategies must set out how sponsors intend to respond to unexpected events and challenges, including escalation and extension plans where appropriate.

Identifying the best way to consult stakeholders

Having identified and mapped the stakeholders to be engaged through your consultation using the tools we have suggested in the Audience workstream, it is now important to consider how you are going to reach, engage and communicate with these groups most effectively. Some methods will be more suitable than others for the changes you are proposing, and some communications channels will be more effective for specific audiences.

This workstream will present tools to help you determine and make use of the best channels and communication methods for your consultation.

Adopting the right mix of approaches will mean that your audiences are first aware of the consultation, second understand what it is about and third will find it easy to be able to respond and comment on the proposals.

What you will gain:

The aim of this Approach workstream is to enable change sponsors to:
  • Identify which methods of engagement you could use to reach and engage with your target audiences, including stakeholder groups and individuals
  • Be clear on the objective of the engagement; whether to inform people about the proposals, promote the consultation or help people to complete the online questionnaire

You will consider

  • Which methods and approaches are most appropriate for engaging different groups?
  • What existing channels could be used to engage with stakeholders, and what resource would be needed?
  • Which additional channels could be acquired and how best can they be adopted?
  • What other activities can ensure that all targeted stakeholders are engaged with and included in the consultation?