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CAP1616 says:

Audiences to work with in developing design principles will have been identified at Stage 1; further granularity and detail on impacted communities should be identified in the Initial options appraisal during Step 2b.

These should be developed and detailed here. Particular consideration should be given to seldom-heard groups; those who are not regularly in contact with the change sponsor; and those who do not have existing knowledge of aviation.

Sponsors must also consider whether it is appropriate to use intermediaries to communicate with impacted stakeholders (for instance airport consultative committees, local authorities, and/or local and national organisations) or whether the nature of the change means direct contact with impacted parties is more appropriate.

Identification and mapping of stakeholders

Understanding which audiences are most likely to be impacted by the proposals is a key aspect of preparing for an effective public consultation. Audiences include your known stakeholders but will be much broader, as they encompass all those impacted by your proposals.

The key task here is to identify and prioritise your audiences to ensure you communicate most effectively, efficiently and comprehensively as possible.

Significant activity on audience will already have taken place during Stage 1 and Step 2B to identify and understand impacted groups. It is important that any further activity undertaken in planning for public consultation in Step 3A builds upon this existing knowledge and understanding.

In your consultation strategy, you will need to demonstrate how you have identified all impacted audiences, the nature of the impact on them, as well as the different requirements needed to determine how best to engage with them.  

What you will gain:

The aim of this Audience workstream is to enable change sponsors to:
  • Identify all groups impacted by the proposals (at an organisation and individual level)
  • Direct resources and activities appropriately towards each audience

You will consider:

  • Which stakeholders are likely to be impacted by the proposals?
  • Which stakeholders are likely to have an interest in the consultation?
  • What (if any) impacts are likely to affect people within protected characteristics groups?